Cut From the Same Cloth as Chuck Law: “Kung Fury” (2015)

If it’s possible for Chuck Law to have a long lost brother, I have to imagine it’s the cop that became Kung Fury, the greatest Kung Fu master ever.

Kung Fury is a Swedish martial arts short film that somehow manages to cram most of the 1980’s into its 30 minute run time in the best possible way. A normal Miami cop is struck by lightning and then bitten by a cobra to become Kung Fury, the greatest Kung Fu Master / Cop ever seen.  When Adolph Hitler, a.k.a. The Kung Fuhrer travels through time to 1985, Kung Fury must enlist the aid of Hackerman, world’s greatest hacker, to hack time itself.  It’s got vikings, dinosaurs, vikings riding dinosaurs, robots, and Nazis, and if you even got to the end of this sentence without running to YouTube to watch it (Did I mention it’s available completely free?  It is!) I’m really disappointed in you.  Seriously, what are you doing with your life?

The trailer is below, followed by the David Hasselhoff(!) music video for “True Survivor” (Permit denied!), followed by the full movie.  It’s well worth your 30 minutes, and makes me regret every creative choice I’ve ever made that weren’t “make Kung Fury”.

The Trailer:

The Music Video:

The Full Movie: