S2E7 – The Ravenswood Zombie Outbreak Pt 1: This is the Closest You Can Get to Chuck Law Without Gettin’ Yer Eyes Wet


The CPC team is back!  In this episode, we start Chapter 2 of the current campaign with an outbreak of zombies in the neighborhood of Ravenswood, home to some of Chicago’s oldest cemeteries.  I do some unnecessary voices, and then Chuck tells us about the allowable distances relative to Chuck’s position for ocular irrigation.  It’s a hoot!

Oh, BTW, in case you’re one of those people that reads these intros, go check out our new podcast!  Sammy from this very show is hosting a movie podcast called Green Light, Red Light, where we watch bad movies and then deal with the psychic backlash thereof. Check it out here!

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S2E6 – The Legislative Plaza Hotel Pt 6: There’s a Recipe for Fudge in My Notebook


Our heroes have helped Peg Leg Johnny hobble on to the next world and reunited two star crossed lovers, so now there’s just one more task to complete: shaking the hand of mystery.  Plus: Jim finds a recipe for fudge in his notebook. All this and more in this exciting episode!

Here’s the link to the video we reference at the beginning of the podcast: Link

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S2E5 – Legislative Plaza Hotel Pt 5: The Were-Jersey Girl

2 Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin: The Depth of Night

Having helped the “Al Capone” ghost to his final rest, our heroes turn our attention to the wandering ghost on the 8th floor and Peg Leg Johnny.  True love! Confused hotel employees!  Tables!  All this and more in this exciting episode!

S2E4 – Legislative Plaza Hotel Pt 4: The Night Time is the Right Time for Huntin’ Ghosts

2 Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin: The Depth of Night

Chuck lives!  Our heroes have survived their battle and put down the evil Nazi ghosts, and now they’re on to tackling the other, considerably less threatening ghosts of the Legislative Plaza Hotel.  Excitement! Adventure! Elevators!  All this and more in this exciting episode!

S2E3 – Legislative Plaza Hotel Pt 3: Cool!…Gross.


In our last episode, the team headed over to the Legislative Plaza Hotel, did some research at the library, visited an old, dying detective and are on the verge of maybe getting their defender killed by ghosts.  We ended the last episode with Chuck making his saving throw to see if plummets 120 feet to his death.  Let’s hope he rolls well!

S2E2 – Legislative Plaza Hotel Pt 2: This Look Comes from the ‘Guys You Tell the Flight Attendants About’ Series

2 Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin: The Depth of Night

Quick Warning: The intro to this one is extra long, because I took a few minutes to talk about “Gamergate” and my thoughts on the dickheads that are promulgating it.  I also talk quickly about a book, Chicks Dig Gaming: A Celebration of Gaming by the Women Who Love It, which happens to coincidentally deal with the issues women often face when getting involved with games and gaming.  You can read my review of it here.  If you want to skip it all, you can head to about the 7:36 mark.

In the last episode, we met our new characters, and they set off their first adventure to cleanse the Legislative Plaza Hotel of its restless spirits. We pick up with our heroes headed to the home of one Abraham Alinsky, the lead detective on a case involving the hotel.  After talking to Alinsky, we head back to the hotel, where the brave adventurers choose, perhaps unwisely, to make an end run around everything else and head for the biggest baddy.  We’ll see how that all works out.


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S2E1 – Legislative Plaza Hotel Pt 1: Spooky Clipboard

2 Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin: The Depth of Night

2 Guys, a Girl, and a Gobin is back!  Episode 1 introduces our new characters, our new setting, and a whole new chance for us all to act stupid!  We pick up with the adventures of Chuck Law, Ivana Diq-Tiqle, Toots, and Splyg as they take their first steps as a newly minted team for CPC, Chicago Paranormal Control.  Roll for Initiative!

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S2E0 – Season 2 Preview

In this episode, we take a look forward at our new characters and setting.  This upcoming season will be set in an alternate universe version of Chicago, IL, where monsters, magic, and the supernatural are real.  Season 2 of Two Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin stars:

Aaron Buell as Toots, P.I., Gnome Wizard

Eric Helmken as Chuck Law, Human Fighter / Cleric

Sammy Kampersal as Ivana Diq-Tiqle, Human Rogue / Binder

Jim Kliss as The Dungeon Master and Splyg, Goblin Artificer

S1E34 – Season 1 Retrospective Part 2

Update: The intro somehow got all messed up, so I rerecorded it and the new version is up.  Sorry to anyone who had their ears damaged by the first version.  I still don’t know what happened there, but the new version sounds much better.


In the second half of our Season 1 retrospective, we take a look back at the final 9 episodes of the season, including a rundown of what happened and clips from some of the more important or fun moments. We also talk about our favorite moments from Season 1 and delve into tales of games past.  If you’ve been with us from the beginning, this is your chance to relive some of the best moments of Season 1, and if you’re new to the show, this episode and episode 33 should help get you up to speed. In the next episode,  we’ll give a quick preview of what’s to come, and then it’s on to Season 2, with all new characters and setting!
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