S3E1 – The Lost Mines of Phandelver Pt 1: A Dead Horse Moves Ten Feet Closer To You

2GAGAAG_PHB2048We’re back!  Season 3 is here, and we’re playing a new edition of D&D!  Change is hard, but I think we’re making it through without too much trouble.  For this season, we’re playing “The Lost Mines of Phandelver” a boxed adventure available as part of the D&D 5th Edition Starter Set.  The starter set comes with everything you need to play D&D, and I think the adventure that comes with it is a good intro to the new system.

We also added a new member of the podcast family, Derek Krentz, who is an old friend of Aaron’s. I look forward to torturing him as much as I’ve tortured all the rest of the crew!

With the new setting and new season, we have all new characters!  They are:

  • Aaron Buell as Spiznorp, the Halfling Rogue
  • Eric Helmken as Beryl, Halfling Bard
  • Sammy Kammy as Sodia Peach, Dragonborn Barbarian
  • And Introducing Derek Krentz as Ranlay Shortbottom, Gnome Druid

There’s lots of exciting stuff this season, and we’re looking forward to the new system, and a whole new custom campaign, “The Devil’s Due” on the horizon for season 4.

Roll for Initiative!

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