Goblins Log # 4

Just a quick update on what we’re working on for next season and a few projects we’re kicking around as well.

If you’re fans of the show and live in or near the Northwest Indiana / Southwest Michigan area, Jim will be hosting a stand-up comedy show Thursday, January 21st at 7PM Central Time at The Nest, 803 Franklin St in Michigan City, Indiana. Check everyonesgotathing.com for more details.


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Announcing the First Third Thursday Comedy Night at The Nest in Michigan City

If you’re a fan of 2 Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin or Green Light, Red Light and haven’t gotten completely sick of hearing me talk, then come out at 7pm on Thursday, January 21st to The Nest, 803 Franklin St, in Michigan City, Indiana.  I’m hosting a live stand-up showcase with 6 of the best comics in Michiana, so even if you can barely stand me, most of the show is someone else much funnier than me talking.   If we get the numbers we need for this show, we’ll be able to do more Third Thursday shows,  so come out, help us out, and have a great night of comedy!

The lineup:

  • Jim Kliss
  • Corey Courrielche
  • Jason Stapls
  • Zach Boyce
  • Amaris Quinlan
  • Jon Baldizon
  • Jake Wells

Tickets are $5 at the door, and proceeds go to making sure the comics don’t run out of gas on the way home.

Doors open at 6:30pm Central Time, show is at 7pm Central Time.

Check out the Facebook Event Page for more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1743773515836065/

Nest-HaHa Jan FB

S2E26 – Double Your Fun Pt 12: I’m a Racist Stereotype!

Last time, Aaron learned about Yaoi, and Chuck tangled with a two-headed Barlgura. This week, the battle for Wrigley Field, and this season of 2 Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin is finished!


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Dummy Plug Podcast Ep. 029



Dummy Plug Podcast Episode 029 – Panel Do’s and Don’ts

The Dummy Plug Podcast returns from the Shadow Realm just in time for the holidays. Cause nothing blocks out your annoying family on the holidays quite like our podcast! And just ahead of the upcoming 2016 convention season, the crew is discussion the things that you as a panelist and panel attendee should and shouldn’t do. So make a nice cup of hot chocolate, get comfy by the fire, and let The Dummy Plug Podcast help you forget you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet. And just so you know, this one’s a two-parter!


Part 1

Part 2


S2E25 – Double Your Fun Pt 11: I Just Want Everyone Here to Know That the Image I Have of Harry Carray is Forever Tarnished

Our heroes have taken the fight to the heart of Wrigley Field, and everyone feels a little dirty about the whole Bill Cosby-Carray thing.  That and more in this exciting episode!

Donate to Child’s Play This Holiday Season

Child's Play

We ask that in lieu of support through PayPal or our Amazon Affiliate Links, you donate to Child’s Play, a charity that helps bring games and entertainment to Children’s Hospitals.

You can find out more about them on their website.


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S2E24 – Double Your Fun Pt 10: I Often Pray for the Sweet Release of Death

Last time, the fight outside had finished, but the battle for Wrigley Field has just begun!  Plus, things get dark, and we talk about Bill Cosby Carray.


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S2E23 – Double Your Fun Pt 9: Time for a Bit of the Rough and Tumble

When last we were with our heroes, Toots was about to try to blast some fools.  This week, the battle outside of Wrigley Field is over, but the final showdown is still to come!

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Dummy Plug Book Club Ep. 07


The Dummy Plug Book Club Ep. 07

The Book Club analyzes and explores the 7th volume of the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga by Sadamoto. One of the biggest points being the introduction of Kaworu to the cast.
E-mail us at dummyplugpodcast@gmail.com
Visit our forums at rebuildofevangelion.org
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Stealing From Don Draper’s Playbook: The Force Awakens and the Power of Nostalgia

When the Star Wars: The Force Awakens final trailer debuted on Monday, I was hit with an emotional hammer that I didn’t expect and could’t understand.  I expected to feel something, but what I didn’t expect was to quite literally tear up during a two minute movie trailer.  I mean, of course I was and am excited about the new Star Wars movie. Who isn’t?  But the thing is, I’m not one of the obsessive Star Wars fans – I can’t tell you the name of the two scoundrels that confront Luke in the Mos Eisley cantina and end up losing some appendages (Thankfully, there’s Wookiepedia for that! Their names are Ponda Baba and Cornelius Evazan, in case you were wondering.) – but I’m still pretty steeped in the lore, nonetheless.  So why such an intense response?

I realized this morning that it comes down to a word that’s simple to say and infinitely more complex to explain: nostalgia.  Specifically, the sense of nostalgia that was so artfully explained by Don Draper in season 1 of Mad Men, as he was pitching to Kodak about their new Wheel slide projector.

In retrospect, the nostalgia I felt watching that trailer should be no surprise; J.J. Abrams’ obvious reverence for the early works of Steven Spielberg make it almost inevitable.  Spielberg’s films have so often invoked nostalgia of coming of age, or childhood, or just the past in general, but more importantly, they usually have a clear emotional thesis: you know how you feel at the end of a Spielberg film.  Abrams’ Star Wars Trailer, intentionally and clearly, evokes an intended emotion, and if the film is even half as successful as it’s trailer in that goal, it will be a great pleasure to watch.

To steal from Don myself: This trailer isn’t a space ship. It’s a time machine. It goes backwards, forwards. Takes us to a place where we ache to go again.  It lets us travel the way a child travels. Around and around and back home again to a place where we know we are loved.

Or in other words, it has successfully fired a proton torpedo into the un-shielded exhaust port of our collective hearts.