GLRL Minisode 4: “Starcrash” (1978)


After the disappointment of S. Darko, we couldn’t have been more pleased with the awesome spectacle of 1970’s Italian film making that is Starcrash.  Caroline Munro as Stella Star jiggles her way through 94 minutes of pure camp, complimented by the immensely talented Christopher Plummer, and a pre-Knight Rider David Hasselhoff.  Made a scant 18 months after Star Wars, Starcrash is a blatant attempt to cash in on Lucas’ success.  This movie features all the things you loved about Star Wars, just done on a much lower budget and with less skill: Droids!…Sort of  Not quite light sabers!  Man torpedoes!  These are the sort of exciting things you can expect from this Italian gem.



Starcrash is available on DVD from Amazon.