GLRL Minisode 2: “Vampire’s Kiss” (1988)


For episode 2, we tackle the 1988 Nicolas Cage movie Vampire’s Kiss.  By this point, Nic Cage had already starred in films like Moonstruck and Raising Arizona, so we knew he was capable of something good, but things take a sharp turn to the absurd in this movie that launched a thousand memes.  Seriously, that creepy Nic Cage staring meme?  That’s this movie.  It’s actually one of the less weird things Cage does throughout the film.  Check it out!

I'm telling you, man, I'm going to win an Oscar in 1995!
I’m telling you, man, I’m going to win an Oscar in 1995!

Vampire’s Kiss is available from Amazon as part of a double feature pack with another vampire based comedy, Once Bitten.  That one may be a future episode, too.

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