Episode 4: The Podcast Podcast, Pt I with Sammy Kammy and Brother Todd


In this episode, Aaron and I sit down with Brother Todd and Sammy Kammy to talk about podcasts.  This is the most meta of podcasts, a podcast in which we talk about other podcasts, specifically, the ones we like.  This is actually part one of a two part episode, because once we got started, things got out of hand, and we recorded for a long damn time.  So, in part one, Todd and I talk about our favorite podcasts.  In part two, available in two weeks, Aaron and Sammy talk about their favorites.  We each picked five, plus we have a few more that get honorable mentions.  I don’t know if this is going to be informative, but we drank plenty of beer and had lots of fun doing it.

You can follow Todd on Twitter at @brothertodd, and you can follow Sammy on Twitter at@sammy_kammy16.

If you’re interested in commissioning Sammy to make you a costume for cosplay or just whatever, you can check out her website www.sammykammystudios.com.

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