Episode 10: Animation Update with Sammy Kammy Pt I


In this week’s episode, I sat back down with Sammy Kammy to do an update on anime, animation, and ACEN, plus some cosplay drama.  We originally talked to Sammy in episode 2, and I was a real douche in that episode.  Luckily, I convinced her to talk again and I think I did a much better job of not being suck a dick.  Sammy went to ACEN, Anime CENtral this year, and we talk about that, boy love in hentai / anime, and do a dramatic reading of this incident involving a cosplay creeper (Warning: We repeat this guy’s terrible language.  I felt pretty dirty afterwards).

Follow Sammy on Twitter at @sammy_kammy16

This is part 1 of a 2 part episode.  Part 2 will be available in 2 weeks.

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