Dummy Plug Podcast Ep. 33


Dummy Plug Podcast Ep. 33 – Live from Anime Iowa 2016 w/ Mustard

Well beautiful friends, this is it. The last episode of the Dummy Plug Podcast. It’s been a fun ride. We’re glad you hung around for the journey. But fear not, we aren’t going away, just moving on to something new. And that something new is called Square One. So be on the lookout for us, it’s on it’s way. This is (not) The End.

As for this episode, this is from our award winning panel (yes, we actually won Best Fan Panel for this) at Anime Iowa 2016. A big thanks to everyone who came and saw us. And especially those who voted for us. It really made this last time extra special. And we couldn’t have done it without you.

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