S2E4 – Star Trekin’ with Ben Duncan

Ben Duncan grew up religious, but somehow his parents let him watch Star Trek, which is about a secular progressive utopia. I don’t understand it, but he watched it and he loved it, so now we talked about it.

Ben’s Twitter: twitter.com/BenKelseyD

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S2E3 – Batman(ia) with John Osborne

John Osborne sure does love Batman, and we talked about it. I really, really like Batman, but John is a Batmaniac, and it was so much fun getting to talk to him about his love.

Note: This was recorded before Adam West passed. I think it’s clear from the episode that we were both big fans of the 1966 Batman. He will be missed.

You can listen to John’s podcast Comics in General weekly on wesaystuff.com.

John’s Twitter: twitter.com/OshKoshOsborne2


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S2E1 – Jason Stapls Raps About Rap

Everyone’s Got a Thing is back! I sat down with the very funny Jason Stapls to talk about Rap/Hip-Hop, which is a genre of music that I like but know very little about. Jason brought along a playlist of songs covering his history with rap, which you can find below. I’m very excited to be back after such a long hiatus, and we’ve got great guests lined up to talk about all sorts of interesting stuff!

You can see Jason weekly at The Drop Comedy Club in South Bend, IN, and on twitter at @jasonstapls.

Jason’s Playlist:

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Dummy Plug Podcast Ep. 029



Dummy Plug Podcast Episode 029 – Panel Do’s and Don’ts

The Dummy Plug Podcast returns from the Shadow Realm just in time for the holidays. Cause nothing blocks out your annoying family on the holidays quite like our podcast! And just ahead of the upcoming 2016 convention season, the crew is discussion the things that you as a panelist and panel attendee should and shouldn’t do. So make a nice cup of hot chocolate, get comfy by the fire, and let The Dummy Plug Podcast help you forget you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet. And just so you know, this one’s a two-parter!


Part 1

Part 2


S2E6 – The Legislative Plaza Hotel Pt 6: There’s a Recipe for Fudge in My Notebook


Our heroes have helped Peg Leg Johnny hobble on to the next world and reunited two star crossed lovers, so now there’s just one more task to complete: shaking the hand of mystery.  Plus: Jim finds a recipe for fudge in his notebook. All this and more in this exciting episode!

Here’s the link to the video we reference at the beginning of the podcast: Link

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S2E3 – Legislative Plaza Hotel Pt 3: Cool!…Gross.


In our last episode, the team headed over to the Legislative Plaza Hotel, did some research at the library, visited an old, dying detective and are on the verge of maybe getting their defender killed by ghosts.  We ended the last episode with Chuck making his saving throw to see if plummets 120 feet to his death.  Let’s hope he rolls well!

S2E2 – Legislative Plaza Hotel Pt 2: This Look Comes from the ‘Guys You Tell the Flight Attendants About’ Series

2 Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin: The Depth of Night

Quick Warning: The intro to this one is extra long, because I took a few minutes to talk about “Gamergate” and my thoughts on the dickheads that are promulgating it.  I also talk quickly about a book, Chicks Dig Gaming: A Celebration of Gaming by the Women Who Love It, which happens to coincidentally deal with the issues women often face when getting involved with games and gaming.  You can read my review of it here.  If you want to skip it all, you can head to about the 7:36 mark.

In the last episode, we met our new characters, and they set off their first adventure to cleanse the Legislative Plaza Hotel of its restless spirits. We pick up with our heroes headed to the home of one Abraham Alinsky, the lead detective on a case involving the hotel.  After talking to Alinsky, we head back to the hotel, where the brave adventurers choose, perhaps unwisely, to make an end run around everything else and head for the biggest baddy.  We’ll see how that all works out.


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S2E1 – Legislative Plaza Hotel Pt 1: Spooky Clipboard

2 Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin: The Depth of Night

2 Guys, a Girl, and a Gobin is back!  Episode 1 introduces our new characters, our new setting, and a whole new chance for us all to act stupid!  We pick up with the adventures of Chuck Law, Ivana Diq-Tiqle, Toots, and Splyg as they take their first steps as a newly minted team for CPC, Chicago Paranormal Control.  Roll for Initiative!

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Episode 8: Discussing Disney with Theresa Slabosz Pt 1

In this week’s episode, we sat down with Aaron’s lady friend, Theresa Slabosz, to talk about all things Disney.  Theresa LOVES Disney stuff, and spent 6 months as an intern at the Florida parks.  We talk about movies, the parks, the TV shows, and yes, a certain frozen head.

The inserted audio clip is from The Dana Gould Hour.

This is part one of a two part episode, and the second part will be available in two weeks.

You can find Theresa on Twitter at @theresaslabosz.

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S1E5 – Kobolds-a-No-No

Hey Guys! When we were last with our heroes, they were being ambushed by a nasty group of Kobolds. In this episode, we pick back up with Immizel, Ho’Nai, and Splug on the King’s Road, fighting for their lives against the Kobold scum.

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