S1E30 – Wow…Much Fire…Very Dangerous


Last episode, our heroes tried to get a good night’s rest, but someone else had another idea.  This week, we find out who’s come a’knockin’ and there’s a huge explosion.  Splug has never been happier.

It’s a short episode this week, but we’re leading in to two long episodes, including the season finale.

S1E29 – If You Survive, You Get Popcorn


Last episode saw our heroes fighting a Gelatinous Cube, followed by opening a door that triggered some sarcophagi to disgorge their payloads into the room.  We pick up in this episode right where we left off, and find out what happened with those sarcophagi.

S1E28 – It Suddenly Got Shiny in Here

Update: This time I’ll attach the damn file.


We are back from hiatus!  Episode 28 finds the party backtracking, attempting to finish off killing any more hobgoblins that might have been behind them, before attempting to stop Kalarel and save the world from certain destruction.  If the world knew that its fate rested on the shoulders of our heroes, the world would probably have a bit more trouble sleeping at night.  As it stands, the world has a bit of sleep apnea, but it  has it under control.

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Goblin’s Log #1


It’s a super short hosty (hostfull is copyright Nerdist Industries) episode because Sammy and I are prepping and making projects for ACEN.  We haven’t had time to record any new episodes, but I wanted to make sure something got out for this weekend.  We talk about what’s happening, and what might happen as things wrap up with the Keep on the Shadowfell, including a possible change of settings.  Stick with us, though, we should be back to normal and finish up the current adventure after a quick hiatus.

S1E27 – Mistakes Were Made


In our last episode, we lost Barnaby to the Feywild.  In this episode, after a brief memorial, the party presses forward, deeper into the keep.  Mistakes were made!

“If they pull a dick, you pull a bigger dick. That’s the Chicago way!”

S1E26 – It’s Two Guys, A Girl, and That Guy We Kicked Off


In this week’s episode, a lot of bad choices are made, trust is broken, and a member of the party is lost.

Episode Quotes:

  • “Yeah, but I didn’t know it was going to do that!”
  • “Get me a rolled up newspaper…”
  • “Guys…guys, that was really fucked up.”
  • “Follow her into the dark, motherfucker!”
  • “Me and Splug are going on solo adventures.”

S1E25 – Wait!…Can the Goblin Slip on His C*m?


The Riddle of Steel is solved!  With that, the party moves on to the second floor of the Keep on the Shadowfell, and  ever closer to Kalarel and his Orcus worshipers.  Battle ensues, and a goblin may or may not slip on an owlbear’s ejaculate.  That and more in Episode 25!

S1E24 – Hold Me Closer, Tiny Zombie


Last time we were with our heroes, Barnaby had just failed his jump check and had fallen on a rune.  Now we’re going to find out what effect that has, while they fight off a passel of zombies on top of that.

S1E23 – Also, Sparklers


After defeating a seemingly infinite stream of magically created skeletons, our heroes now find themselves rested, but facing another stream of magically created skeletons.  Hopefully, they’ll figure out how to stop them.  Also, sparklers!

S1E22 – It’s an Uncircumcised Room


We’re back to the Keep on the Shadowfell in Episode 22!  After a detour to kill the Grinch at the behest of Santa, the party is back in the dark, cave like keep.  We leap right back into exploring said keep, which of course means we spend a bunch of time at the beginning talking about anything but D&D, but we do get there, I promise.  Also, Sammy draws a dick.  That and more in this week’s exciting episode!
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