On Everyone’s Got a Thing, we think that everyone has some thing that they’re really in to, and if they speak passionately about it, it will be interesting and entertaining, no matter what it is.  With that in mind, we’re working on adding new podcasts to this site.  This all started as one podcast, but we hope it can grow into something bigger.


The People

Jim and Ed in the "Darkest Timeline"
Jim and Ed in the “Darkest Timeline”

Jim Kliss

Founder / Producer / Host

I’m Jim, and I guess it was the wild hair up my ass that created this site.  Born and raised in La Porte, Indiana, I distressingly find myself back here.  When not producing podcasts, I fix stuff and make stuff, occasionally talk in front of people, and host trivia nights.  If you want me to make or host something, visit my website.

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Aaron, hooded.
Aaron, hooded.

Aaron Buell


Co-host of Everyone’s Got a Thing and punching bag on Two Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin.  Hailing from La Porte, Indiana, Aaron is a veterinary technician when not recording podcasts.

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Sammy in Her Natural Habitat
Sammy in Her Natural Habitat

Samantha “Sammy” Kampersal

Badger, Host – “Green Light, Red Light”

Sammy plays the role of Ho’nai, Elven druid and part-time honey badger on Two Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin.  When not wrangling her owlbear, Sammy is a costume designer and seamstress.  If you want to get Sammy to make you a costume for Cosplay or a show, visit her website.

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Eric, with laser eyes.
Eric, laser eyed.

Eric Helmken

Anime Dog-Man

Eric plays the role of Jaeger, the dog-man Warlord in “2 Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin.”  When not recording podcasts, Eric works with local theaters, and occasionally live streams vidya games as wiskeydorf on twitch.tv.

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Nate is Big in Japan
Nate is Big in Japan

Nate Sullivan

Host – “Green Light, Red Light”

Born in Kentucky, the child known as “Nate” could feel he was bound for great things! The child wandered the country being raised on televisions from store windows. As he grew, Nate learned of tropes, genres, and cinematography. He studied the greats, and learned their methods and what made them unique, but one day a shadow passed over him. The fog of “B-Movies” crept into Nate’s life, and the child became captivated. From “Manos” to “The Room” the child set out to view as many ridiculous films as he could. Now he works with others to share the knowledge they have learned from staring into the cinematic abyss.

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