Indiana May Lose Gen Con, a $50 Million Economic Impact, Due to “Religious Freedom” Law

There are times when we’re really ashamed to be based in Indiana, and those times have come more frequently than they used to, and now there’s this (via the Indy Star):

The organizers of Gen Con, the city’s largest convention in attendance and economic impact, are threatening to move the event elsewhere if Gov. Mike Pence signs controversial religious freedom legislation that could allow business owners to refuse services to same-sex couples.

One of the largest gaming conventions, and one of the best places to play D&D or Pathfinder (I’ve both played and run games at GenCon for some years now), is considering leaving our state, and taking the 50 million dollars in revenue it generates somewhere else.  It would be a huge disappointment to myself and many other Hoosier gamers if we lost this convention, but I support their efforts to ensure all of their attendees will be treated with respect by their host communities.