S1E28 – It Suddenly Got Shiny in Here

Update: This time I’ll attach the damn file.


We are back from hiatus!  Episode 28 finds the party backtracking, attempting to finish off killing any more hobgoblins that might have been behind them, before attempting to stop Kalarel and save the world from certain destruction.  If the world knew that its fate rested on the shoulders of our heroes, the world would probably have a bit more trouble sleeping at night.  As it stands, the world has a bit of sleep apnea, but it  has it under control.

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Dark Dungeons Premiering at GenCon

As the leader of a dark coven, it might seem to be against my interests to promote a film that exposes our evil scheming, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  You see, we are already everywhere, and Jack Chick and his cronies are too late.  TOO LATE!  As I sit on my throne of blood, this sort of pitiful attempt to defend children from our machinations is simply amusing, so I pass it on to you, my good victims.  So I ask you:


Let’s get ready to R! P! G!


Good night, and good luck,

– Jim, Evil Dungeon Coven Master

P.S.  If you want to see the movie, and will be attending GenCon, it premieres during our premier evil convention for evil RPGs on Thursday at 7pm (event link).  Check out http://darkdungeonsthemovie.com/ for more details.

Goblin’s Log #1


It’s a super short hosty (hostfull is copyright Nerdist Industries) episode because Sammy and I are prepping and making projects for ACEN.  We haven’t had time to record any new episodes, but I wanted to make sure something got out for this weekend.  We talk about what’s happening, and what might happen as things wrap up with the Keep on the Shadowfell, including a possible change of settings.  Stick with us, though, we should be back to normal and finish up the current adventure after a quick hiatus.