S1E23 – Also, Sparklers


After defeating a seemingly infinite stream of magically created skeletons, our heroes now find themselves rested, but facing another stream of magically created skeletons.  Hopefully, they’ll figure out how to stop them.  Also, sparklers!

S1E22 – It’s an Uncircumcised Room


We’re back to the Keep on the Shadowfell in Episode 22!  After a detour to kill the Grinch at the behest of Santa, the party is back in the dark, cave like keep.  We leap right back into exploring said keep, which of course means we spend a bunch of time at the beginning talking about anything but D&D, but we do get there, I promise.  Also, Sammy draws a dick.  That and more in this week’s exciting episode!
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Update: Resolved – Once again, problems with iTunes

Update: It looks like the problem fixed itself.  I made some changes to the feed, too, to make the episode names consistent.

If you’re an iTunes user, it seems that iTunes isn’t listing Episode 2 for no particularly good reason. I’ve checked the site, the feed, and the iTunes settings and nothing seems to be amiss, but it’s just not there. For now, I recommend using the RSS feed and adding it directly to iTunes, instead of trying to use the iTunes store.


Hopefully it’s just a glitch in iTunes that will fix itself, but I’m not holding my breath.  Apple continues to do nothing to address concerns about how iTunes is run, or the complete lack of transparency for the user or publisher.  Currently, it just doesn’t work, and I don’t know why.