S1E21 – 2013 Christmas Special Pt 3:How Gren’Kell Stole Christmas


The third and final part of the 2013 Chrismas episode is finally here!  It only took us until a whole month after Christmas to get through the episode, but here we are!  We pick straight up from last time, and the party is about to fight Gren’Kell, a rather large and nasty troll, in an attempt to recover a special item for Mr. Woods.  Christmas comes around the longest night of the year, so will our heroes live to see the light of day?  Spoiler: Yeah, they will, because otherwise we wouldn’t have a show anymore.  We hope it’s exciting, anyway.


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S1E20 – 2013 Christmas Special Pt 2: So…Now We Have to Go About the Grisly Work of Slaughtering All the Children


Part 2 of the 2013 2GAGAAG Christmas Special picks up right were we left off last time, with Immizel attacking a goblin that’s all up in his business.  The Christmas Special will be in three parts, with the third part posting in two weeks, so be sure to check back for more jackassery then!


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