RSS Feed Problem Resolved

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Somewhere along the line, a WordPress update seems to have messed up the RSS feeds for the podcasts so that it did not show earlier episodes.  The problem’s been fixed!  Especially if you’re a new listener to “2 Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin“, this is a chance to listen to the earlier episodes.  It will take some time for iTunes to update, but the RSS feeds are working for your listening pleasure.

Calling All Writers, Visual Artists, Musicians, and Talkers!

Everyone’s Got a Thing Wants More Things!  If you’ve got a thing you want to talk about, show off, or publish, we want to help you do that!  If you’ve got something you’d love to talk about for a few hours, then be a guest on “Everyone’s Got a Thing“.  Even better, if you’ve been wanting to do a podcast of your own, them we’d like to publish it!

If you’re interested in joining us for a podcast, or joining the EGaT team, contact us at