Episode 6: Turning Japanese with Vicki Nugent Part 1

In this week’s episode, I sat down with an old friend, Vicki Nugent, to talk about all things Japanese.  Vicki studied Japanese culture and language in college and spent several years living and working in Japan.  I had a great time talking to Vicki, and she had a lot of interesting stories about her time in Japan.  A great episode!

This is part one of a two part episode, and the second part will be available in two weeks.

You can find Vicki on Twitter at @victory_abounds.

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S1E3: One Night in Winterhaven


In Episode 3, our valiant heroes (and Splug), have just defeated some nasty little Kobolds and are ready to loot the bodies.  Soon, it’s time to continue on their trek to Winterhaven.  What dark secrets does this little town hold?  How will the citizens react to a psychotic goblin artificer?  Will Ho’Nai take her top off?  Where do you park a tamed owlbear when entering a town?  Find out the answers to these questions and more in this week’s exciting episode!

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Show Notes for Episodes 4 & 5

Here are the podcasts we like!


  1. The Dana Gould Hour

  2. The Dork Forest

  3. Smartest Man in the World

  4. You Made it Weird

  5. WTF



  1. The Todd Glass Show

  2. Who Charted

  3. Improv for Humans

  4. Doug Loves Movies

  5. The Long Shot Podcast



  1. How Did This Get Made?

  2. Yeah, It’s That Bad

  3. Cosplay Jam

  4. Talkin Toons

  5. Sidescrollers



  1. Smodcast

  2. Hollywood Babble-on

  3. But Wait! There’s Lore!

  4. Nerdist

  5. Nerd Poker


Honorable Mentions

  1. Jordan, Jesse Go! – Jim

  2. Harmontown – Jim

  3. Judge John Hodgman – Jim, Todd

  4. Sklarbro Country – Jim, Todd

  5. Thrilling Adventure Hour – Todd, Jim

  6. Superego – Todd

  7. TESD – Aaron, Jim

  8. Rawrcast – Aaron

  9. The Indoor Kids – Sammy, Jim

  10. Anime World Order – Sammy

  11. Continue Cast – Sammy


No Longer With Us

  1. Penny Arcade (This one is coming back, per the Penny Arcade website!) – Aaron, Jim

  2. World Soccer Daily – Aaron

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Episode 5: The Podcast Podcast, Pt II with Sammy Kammy and Brother Todd

This is part 2 of our podcast podcast, where Aaron and I sit down with Brother Todd and Sammy Kammy to talk about podcasts.  In this episode, Sammy and Aaron talk about their favorite podcasts, and we cover some of our honorable mentions. There’s more chuckles, and friends being emotionally abusive to each other.  So, basically, a standard podcast.

You can follow Todd on Twitter at @brothertodd, and you can follow Sammy on Twitter at @sammy_kammy16.

If you’re interested in commissioning Sammy to make you a costume for cosplay or just whatever, you can check out her website www.sammykammystudios.com.

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S1E2: Kobolds a Go-Go


In episode two, the players continue their fight against the vicious Kobolds.  Does Jim figure out how the Fey Beast Tamer character theme works? Does Barnaby get a chance to shine?  Does Ho’nai take her top off again?  Find out in this week’s exciting episode!

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