Episode 4: The Podcast Podcast, Pt I with Sammy Kammy and Brother Todd


In this episode, Aaron and I sit down with Brother Todd and Sammy Kammy to talk about podcasts.  This is the most meta of podcasts, a podcast in which we talk about other podcasts, specifically, the ones we like.  This is actually part one of a two part episode, because once we got started, things got out of hand, and we recorded for a long damn time.  So, in part one, Todd and I talk about our favorite podcasts.  In part two, available in two weeks, Aaron and Sammy talk about their favorites.  We each picked five, plus we have a few more that get honorable mentions.  I don’t know if this is going to be informative, but we drank plenty of beer and had lots of fun doing it.

You can follow Todd on Twitter at @brothertodd, and you can follow Sammy on Twitter at@sammy_kammy16.

If you’re interested in commissioning Sammy to make you a costume for cosplay or just whatever, you can check out her website www.sammykammystudios.com.

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S1E1 – The Beginning


On the first episode of Two Guys, a Girl, and a Goblin,  we meet the players and their characters, learn a little bit about D&D and how we’ll be running the campaign, and then set off in search of fun, adventure, and most importantly, loot!  To learn more about the new show, visit the show page.

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Episode 3: Comics Meltdown with Brother Todd

For episode 3, we sat down with Aaron Todd Allison, AKA Brother Todd, to talk about comic books.  Todd loves comics, especially Marvel Comics, and he gave us a rundown of his history with comics, as well as a history of Marvel itself, how it started and how it got to be the company it is today.  I’ve been a casual comic book fan for a good portion of my life, and a fan of Marvel in particular, but I learned a lot from talking to Todd, and we had a lot of fun in the process.

Follow Todd on Twitter at @brothertodd, and check out his Tumblr, brothertodd.tumblr.com


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Episode Notes for Episode 2 with Sammy Kammy

Below are the episode notes for Episode 2 – Animation Overload, with links to the things we talked about.  I realized about half way through that there’s a thing called Google, so I decided to just list the items and only link to the things that might be a bit  unclear.

If you would like to buy some of the things we recommended during the show, please visit this episode’s Amazon Store Page for a curated selection.