Episode 2: Animation Overload with Sammy Kammy!

For episode 2, we sat down with Samantha Kampersal, aka Sammy Kammy, aka Jim’s girlfriend, to talk about animation. Sam loves animation. If it’s a sequential series of drawn images, Sammy will probably watch it. We talk about anime, Adult Swim, The Simpsons, South Park, and a bunch more. Also, we have a theme song! The new EGAT thing is Soul Time by Achtung Spitfire Schnell Schnell, courtesy of Mevio, musicalley.com, and their podsafe music library.

Music Alley


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The Trouble with Apples

Update: Not long after posting, I got notification from Apple that the feed had been approved.  It will be a few days until it’s available everywhere.  I still stand by what’s below.

When I got a wild hare up my ass and decided to do this podcast, I thought my biggest problem would be getting people to sit down to talk to me, and getting people to listen.  While I’m still not sure about listeners, my problem is, instead, a matter of platforms.  I submitted EGaT to iTunes last week, and it entered Apple’s “approval queue” where it waits to be allowed to be listed on the iTunes store.  I realize that it was towards the end of the week, and stuff is probably not happening on Saturdays and Sundays, so it’s not completely surprising that it’s not been approved at this point.

This isn’t a complaint about time, but rather about the process itself; though Apple lists criteria for being included (and reasons why it might be rejected), the process couldn’t be more opaque.

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Pilot Episode: Soccer Spectacular!

Here’s the pilot episode of Everyone’s Got a Thing!  Aaron and I sit down and talk about soccer, or as they call it pretty much everywhere outside of the US, football.  We’re without a theme song, sponsor, or most of the other trappings of a podcast, but it’s definitely an audio recording encoded as an mp3 and saved to the Internet.



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